Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goosed Up Rhymes Goes To New York City

It’s official- Brain Freeze is heading off to the Toy Fair in New York City!
What is Toy Fair, you ask? Well, the definition they give is this:

“Toy Fair is the largest international toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere where the newest and hottest products in the children's entertainment marketplace are exhibited. It is the premier meeting place for manufacturers, retailers, importers, licensors and reps from around the world.”

  But what I prefer to think of it as is the gathering place of grown-up daydreamers discussing their visions for the future of our children’s playtime. The unique thing about this year’s Toy Fair is that the iPad/iPhone apps will now be represented for the first time.

  Why are apps now being represented at a toy fair? Well, given that last year at Christmas, thousands of parents were buying iPads primarily for their children, it immediately made sense that the iPad should now also be considered a ‘toy’ in the market. This is not, of course, a slight by any means to Apple. Indeed, it is actually a compliment. No other product out there can be utilized by businessmen, high-schoolers, gamers, and children alike, as a means of amusement and time-killing fun.

  In closing, our hope in this venture is to be able to meet up with as many fellow app developers as we can, and give them a glimpse into the new age of children’s apps we hope to be a part of.  If we happen to see you there, you’ll get a shot at being one of the first to play around with our Goosed-Up Rhymes app. For those of you who won’t be able to make it, there will be a teaser trailer posted up shortly for a sneak preview of what this interactive app offers.

  So, everyone please wish us luck. We hope to make some new friends there at the NY Toy Fair! Happy Toy-Fairing!! 


  1. Hi Joe

    I am here in NYC getting ready to attend the fair tomorrow, there is a lot of excitement in this city about the fair! I will post something tomorrow to let you know what's happening. The app looks great!


  2. good luck Kay... you're the woooo Maaaan!