Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Importance of Family In Creating Apps

We developers can do so much in the realm of making apps.  The possibilities are endless. We can do amazing things graphically. We can make any kind of media we want for mass distribution. But the question that ought to enter our minds as developers and creators is, "Should we?"

There are so many developers making content that that is a high school boy's dream come true. Often, extreme violence or sex appeal take the front seat in much of app creation. It's all about what drives quick sales. I love that Apple has as of now banned XXX content.  I am sure the adult film industry is banging on their door with loads of money, and they would make loads of money if Steve Jobs chose to lower his standards in this area.  If that were to happen, who knows what our kids could be exposed to?  How much more would we have to protect them?  This is, of course, an extreme scenario, but there are so many apps out there that blur the line between right and wrong.  Apple has, of yet, no rating system.  Perhaps it is time they implemented one.  Many people bought iPads for their kids this year.  I think a rating system is necessary to warn parents of adult content.

Our desire at Brain Freeze Entertainment is to create content that we can enjoy with our own families.  With this in mind, it's easy to stay well inside the line.

I encourage other developers to ask, "Why?" before they ask, "How?"

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