Monday, January 24, 2011

This Is My Baby!

Go check out to see what my little app is all about!

Very soon there will be videos and a Youtube commercial for this book. Its such a fun, entertaining book; I cannot begin to tell you about its interactive factor.  We set out to 'Make Reading Hilarious,'  and every day I see it, and I think yeah...Yeah this is funny stuff!  Imagine Monty Python, Bugs Bunny, and Sponge Bob all telling you Mother Goose Rhymes in their own crazy and fun way.  That's what it is.  If you expect to see traditional, old-fashioned storytelling then you will be shocked. We hate boring.

The voices of the characters are hilarious, too. We have great music that's designed to get kids into the mood of reading. Another fun thing is the hidden 'treasures' that are dropped throughout the book. Not to mention, there is full-blown animation, and a few games that link directly to the stories.  All told, we did eight rhymes, and there will be more to come. Each page just has so much on it that you cannot ask for much more from a portable app.  It's a book but also an interactive, animated reading experience.

This app is a real 'game changer', and we hope it will be approved by the end of next month so that you all will get the chance to enter the world of Goosed Up Rhymes!!!

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