Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Innovative Apps Don't Allow For Shortcuts In Coding

I remember getting into the nuts and bolts of HTML back in1999.  I knew Dreamweaver and Flash.4 amongst many others were available as 3rd party software applications to help me avoid all the heavy coding .  But I wanted to learn coding in its purest form.  Then came Java scripting, and a bevy of other heavy coding languages... So, as a young kid wanting a cool website, I folded. I went straight to using Dreamweaver and Fireworks.3. It was a question of time.

Yup, it was fast.  Super fast.  But then I found my imagination was stifled by the 3rd party development software.  These programs could not keep up with my day dreams.  Those 'What if' moments that are what makes an app stand out from all the rest. Its makes the app revolutionary!

When designing Goosed up Rhymes, we thought, "Hey, lets use GameSalad, Corona, or Coco3-d."  All of them could not keep up with our daydreams.  3rd party developers are fantastic for making games and apps that are already out there.  Use them for that. A game that kind of feels like other games but looks different in some fun way.  But, if you want to make something thats all new... you need to do straight up  X-coding.  There is no way around it.  The possibilities are endless. Always ask your potential developers if they use 3rd party software.  Many do, because its fast to learn. You are good to use them if the app you are making is simple.  But if you want to make and app that nobody has every seen before STAY AWAY!  Learn Xcoding.  If you don't have time for Learning it the go to oDesk and find someone who already knows it.  We at BrainFreeze believe in pure X-code.  Ask your programer if a thing you dreamt up is possible 3/4 of the time the answer is yes. Maybe even more often than that.


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