Monday, January 24, 2011

The Importance of Testing!

So many of us don't have access to tons of people to send a beta test out to for our apps.  Video game companies hire testers for all their games to make sure all the bugs are worked out... A pretty sweet job, if I may say so.

The Apple Store is a strong force for finding out if you have not tested your game well. They'll tell you if it has more bugs in it than a home on 'Hoarders'.  The funny thing about creating an app is that we all play our sample tests, notice a few minor problems and them just move on.  Very little time is spent trying to figure out how your target audience will like your game.  Kids like to push buttons or drag their fingers on the screen... They like it when things flash. It directs them.

In regards to games, people like solid controls. If you have a built-in joystick (like Pack Man for instance), make sure that it acts with accuracy.  I can't tell you how many games I have dumped when I discover another thoroughly developed app that blows it out of the water in the arena of simple game controls.  Focus less on the 'pretty' aspect and more on the stuff we have to use to move through your wonderful game.

Test on kids and friends of yours that fit the demographic that you're targeting for your game.  Even if you only have a Beta on your own iPad or iPhone, that's a great thing to give someone to test.  Carry the app around with you like a business card. Walk around generating interest: "Hey Tom, check out this App I'm making!"  Tom comes over to take a look.  Don't tell him what to touch or do!  This is a test!  This way, you'll find problems and 'bugs' in your app that you probably wouldn't have on your own.

Don't get discouraged.  If 'Tom' doesn't tell you the problems he noticed with your app, then Apple definitely will.  You don't want that.  You want a clean app out there!


It's the only way to build a clean app.

Happy New Week,

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